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Updated Wednesday September 1st 2015 ( 5:50 pm )

Silkey Gardens LLC 2015

 . . . providing delicious, pick-your-own fruit to Rice County and surrounding areas.


Apples, Wild Plums, Blackberries …. All are pickable now!!!


Next open Thursday September 3rd from 3:30 to 6pm ...

Lots of beautiful apples just hanging there ...


We have a very nice crop of apples, that are ripe and ready to pick. Our Zestar are especially good this year, they look beautiful and taste great! Unfortunately, most of our apples this year are early season and they won’t hang on the tree for long. So, if you want to pick your own apples this year at Silkey Gardens, you should come out and pick soon.


****Something to think about: Many people don’t realize that it is fairly easy to freeze apples for later baking in pies or making apple sauce or ??? Just think how good a fresh baked apple pie will taste come next January.
A nice thought made easier by being able to just pull
some apples from your freezer …


The price this year is $1.50/pound pick your own; $2.50/pound prepick.


Blackberries are also starting to come in!
They are $4.50/pound pick your own.
Call ahead to check availability.


We also have some wild plums available to pick.
They make a great jam. The price for plums is
$3.00/pound pick your own.



For those looking for Honeycrisp, we will have
only a very few if any this year. They just didn't
have any blossoms last spring.

We expect to be open Tuesday and Thursday evenings

(3:30 to 6:00pm), and Saturday-Sunday mornings (9am to 1pm)

for the next couple of weeks as we pick apples.


Stay tuned .... :)



Apples: starting Thursday, August 20th, 3:30 pm!


Blackberries: just starting.


Blueberries: done.

Thank you all for your support.


   As always, it is best to call us at (507) 645-4158(507) 645-4158 before coming out,

or check out our updates on Facebook:

We are no longer taking pre-pick orders for strawberries.


See you soon,

Grace Silkey

Paul Silkey



Keep an eye here for further updates, or we invite you to join our e-mail list and we will tell you when the different fruits are available to pick. This will also allow you to take advantage of certain specials that are only available to our e-mail list customers.

Sign up instructions below.  

We look forward to seeing you come picking time.
Grace & Paul
Silkey Gardens LLC
Please check back for updates on what is happening at Silkey Gardens.
If you have any questions, our phone number is 507-645-4158.
For updates on a particular fruit, please join our mailing list
by contacting , list the fruits you are interested in,
and we will notify you when we have any news.